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38º 40' 48'' N
28º 12' 10'' W
VHF Channels: 16 / 10
Opening hours:
High Season: 08h00 - 20h00
Low Season: 08h00 - 17h00

Wind º - Km/h
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20 August 2018

Reception and Formalities  

When entering the marina, boats must display the flag of their nationality and the Portuguese flag. These two flags must remain in display, as well as the flag of the Azores islands, immediately below and in the same mast as the flag as the flag of Portugal, during the boat's stay in the marina.

Upon their arrival, boats must come alongside the reception quay. Skippers have to fill the papers pertaining to the their stay in the marina's reception office, afterwards passing through customs, maritime authorities and border services for inspection. In our marina, all these authorities are found in the same building.

Passports of each member of the crew as well as the boat's documentation are needed. 

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