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20 August 2018



Atlantis Cup 22nd edition ended yesterday, on a filled with surprises leg. Wind I skippered by Carlos Araújo was the winner in ORC2, taking advantage from João Leal’s withdrawal, just a few miles from the finish line. His boat Açor would certainly win if it had not hit an obstacle within the area of Madalena, Pico island, thus leading the skipper to give up completing the race. 

Filipe Rodrigues’ Exocet won first place in ORC 3, crossing the finish line at 00:52. Filipe Rodrigues was actually the first to arrive at Horta.

José Correia and his boat Fun-Tastic won the prize in class ORC4, while Duarte Barcelos with Allegro Vivace was the winner in Open.

Regata da Autonomia’s third and last leg is the most strategic one. The skippers who choose the Canal Pico/São Jorge lacked wind this year, whilst the ones who came through the North of São Jorge did much better.

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