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36º 56' 45'' N
25º 08' 54'' W
VHF Channels: 16 / 10
Opening hours:
High Season: 08h00 - 20h00
Low Season: 08h00 - 17h00 (closed on Sundays)

Wind º - Km/h
Humidity %
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20 August 2018

Santa Maria is often called “The Island of the Sun” due to being a warm and dry place and having many beaches of fine sand. Holding a southern charm, the island’s traditional houses have white chimneys and blue bars which are an heritage of its first settlers from southern Portugal. Santa Maria has unique landscapes, either dry and limestoned or luxuriant, with vineyards. It is the oldest Azorean island as well as the only one resting in the African geological plate. Its handicraft and pastry are famous.

We find Vila do Porto’s Marina at Santa Maria, very well fitted on the scenery. A cosy marina, whose biggest trump card is its peacefulness. If you enjoy resting, add to it an excellent climate and you have found your place. After all, this has not been a secret since the time of Christopher Columbus: he casted anchor in Santa Maria on his return from the New World to take cover from a storm.

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